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Our Story

About the Founder

As an artist I have always wished to explore the unexplored. And I decided to share this journey of my creativity to the world with Gonecase. Stick-to-it-iveness & the desire to twist modern & ethnic designs into new-fangled objects made me reach the turning point!

With the passion to get off the beaten track & taking an imaginative leap in the world of creativityGonecase came into existence on 26th October 2016. It was an exhibition at Delhi Haat that laid the stepping stone for me to shape my dreams into reality. Persistence and Trials with different mediums & raw materials led Gonecase to be registered as a company in 2018. 

Symbolizing the sense of quirky & out of the boxfecundity of craftsmanship, I aim to deliver best of handcrafted products with an extra degree of creativity. After experimenting with numerous mediums & raw materials, we put in our inventive efforts and bring imagination to life.

If it’s Normal, it is Boring”

This sapling of thought has nurtured my passion to craft masterpieces that stand out of the box. It has always motivated me to create a difference from the stereotypes of the fashion industry. Rebellious designs and out-of-the-box artistry fosterexquisiteness in each handcrafted product offered at Gonecase. Sheer determination & passion for creativity keep me boosted to put in all the uniqueness to Gonecase.

Why the name - ‘Gonecase?

“I am an Artist” 

And the story goes back to my childhood memories. My Love to ply and experimenting in the field of Arts has always been on another levelYet, accepting the habit of going out of the way to do things is not easy to gulp in for everyone. People tend to call such habits – Gonecase.

AhanThat’s how I got the perfect name for my beautifully insane imaginations. This made my heart flutter and led to the coining of the name ‘GONECASE’.

What is Gonecase?

Are you on a lookout for some quirky fashion products & accessories?

This is the place you just need to be!

Experience a world full of creativity & originality of ideas. This unique craftsmanship will make you fall in love with the extravagant & traditionally matchless designs. And overwhelming response of the customers since the very first exhibition is our motivation to keep us experimenting with these creative designs.

Gonecase is home to a universe of products to serve you the way you couldn’t even imagine. We have aplethora of unique & designer pieces of work that will match with your craving for creativity. Explore the inventive world of designer accessories, bags,apparels, diaries, perfumes and much more. Explore all of these unique designs under one roof of Gonecase!

Setting the Benchmark of Creativity

The world of creativity is never ending!

We, at Gonecase work to ensure that our highest level of imagination should meet the customers need for creativity. We have a vision to convert everything into a piece of art. This empowers us to serve our customers with the most curated pieces of craft. 

As our tagline says:

“Digitally Incepted, Traditionally Executed” 

We wish to play with digital mediums to create beautiful combinations of artwork & contemplate art via traditional methods. We feel proud to present ourthoughtful collection of fashion products to suit your need for that extra mile of creativity in your life.

Solely made by our handicraft experts, the wide range of unique & handcrafted products are brought to you after a series of quality checks. Our finesse & artistry aims to provide you with the best artisan pieces made with handpicked textile, colours & mediums leading to charismatic styles. Our continuous efforts to refine the processes & methodologies empower us to serve you with the best of all the brands. 

Start experiencing the insanity you’d fall for!

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