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Our Process

Process of Inventing the Best Products Exclusively for YOU!

Handmade jewelry at GoneCase is not only infused with love but is also personalized and exceptionally unique. All the intricate designs in our collection are totally handmade. To create truly matchless products for you and make them available for wide-ranging sales for you, we follow these steps.



This is the first stage where we put in our every thing in bringing something new for our audience. We take a lot of time and effort into this process as the sketching defines the actual idea. Sometimes, we go above and beyond a lot of attempts to finalize the best jewelry piece. Each unique piece from our studio to your vanity undergoes a number of rough sketches to grab the attention of everyone around you.

Digitalizing the Sketches

Once the product design is finalized after putting our heart and soul into it, we digitize those rough sketches from the paper to the computer. The digital draft takes our adventure to another level and opens more styling opportunities to each of our design.


Sourcing is one of the most critical processes for our unique products.To paramount our large variety, we source the right sustainable raw materials,carefully and smartly. The sourcing of materials is very important for us as it lays the foundation for perfect and flawless manufacturing.
The material required for every piece is different, hence sourced from various places. We make sure that every raw material has the required certification so that it is equally responsible socially as well environmentally.
The Amalgamation of Raw Materials into the Finalized Designs.

After we clear 3 impalpable and evaluative designing stages, the next process is the integration of carefully sourced raw material into the settled designs. To translate the designs into actual jewelry, we try a lot of different types of materials. Sometimes, what we planned initially doesn't turn out to be as catchy as outlined. So, we try a lot of other materials henceforth. Overall, we imply a number of techniques & color palettes and experiment with different raw materials for the final product.

Crafting the Hand-Made Jewellery.

Setting the seal on a particular design, each and every piece is handmade or hand-painted by Aastha Kaushal, the Founder of GoneCase. The product is carefully worked upon until the idea is potted in the piece.

Multiplication of the Products

Once the prototype of the product is ready, the product goes through the production line,handled by a team of experienced Artisans. 

Quality Check

Once the design is ready, each and every product undergoes a careful quality check. Every piece is sent to the Quality Control department for a proper review of the quality, production, and finishing.

Proper inspection is done to ensure that you receive the best product from our end. If there is even a slight defect in any piece, the product does not pass the quality control test and is rejected.

Packaging and Shipping

Only the tried and tested products are then moved forward for proper packaging and transporting. The chosen pieces are passed on to the packing department, making sure everything is securely wrapped to avoid any mishaps or breaking.

The packed products are then shipped to the customers according to the demand.

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