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Do You Think Toxic Beauty Standards Rule this World? Learn to break them,today.

Beauty has different definitions for everyone but predominantly, when it comes to beauty in women, especially Indian, the entrancement has pre-set norms and so-called standards.

Beauty is generally defined by fair skin complexion, sharp nose, big dark eyes, pointed jawline, plump lips, straight hair, and zero-figure, all across the world.

Rather than defining beauty with complexion and hence, showcasing brands with the most famous, so-called beautiful models, I believe it is now high time to break such protocols.

To show my support in this notion, I decided to do a photoshoot with my domestic help, who hails from Jharkhand. 

Instead of taking a light-toned and fair-skinned model, I decided to click her pictures by doing her makeup and aggrandizing her features. For me, beautification means enhancing the natural facial and body features someone already possesses. 

Rather than focusing on making her look fair, I laid emphasis on making her skin look radiant and flawless by using the same foundation shade as her natural skin tone.

I really think that her sun-kissed dusky complexion looks very sexy and chic. Can we please take a moment to embrace her toned and glowing arms?

Ironically, our Gods and Goddesses were dark-skinned, so dressing her like Lord Shiva seemed a perfect choice. I picked this peacock colored saree with Goddess Kali print on it. I just loved how it pulls together the entire theme.

Her delicate collarbone made her look even sexier, so to draw all the attention, I chose this off-shoulder blouse. To define them even more, I perfected the collarbones by contouring.

I kept the makeup minimal with nude lips and "Shiva-style" sensational art on her face. To top it all up, I added this faux Rudraksha neckpiece and wrapped it around her high-rise bun.

These “Trishul” designed earrings did the final job for me, so I did not go for any bracelets, bangles or finger rings. 

Overall, we both genuinely loved how this photoshoot had turned out.

Along with experimenting, I found a deep sense of satisfaction to do something creative and break the prevailing beauty protocols.

I would love to hear your feedback and thoughts on it. 

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