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Story Behind Each Piece of Art by Gonecasestore
Why Handcrafted matters
  • - Why Handcrafted Matters?
  • The personal attention and love that makers and artisans infuse into their work is evident in the masterpieces that they create. 
  • - What Makes it Different?
  • The pieces are soldered, sawed, carved and shaped without the use of mass produced manufacturing machinery. 
  • - How will you not admire the Culture behind artisanal products?
  • Every Artist and Every single designer brings Their culture and traditions in Product that will take you to a Time Lapse of many generations.
  • - Colorful Reality 

  • These Little Art Pieces are of Varied colors that will bring life into your outfit and overall confidence

  • Real People behind art 

  • Supporting India's Labor, Willing to see the smile on Their faces is what Gone case is all about.

  • An Artist's Best Possession 

  • The Artist's Best Possession is in the smile they've seen you wear it, Flaunt it and adore it.

  • - Labor Intensive 
  • While creating jewelry, there is a very intimate relationship with my work.  Designer knows every curve and line (is) put there with intention. As a maker your energy goes into the each piece.
  • Which makes it Ordinary to Extraordinary art piece, when adorned by a women it surely makes heads turn
  • for gonecasestore Art and love are the same thing, that Is the biggest inspiration that goes with each product, that inspires us to bring Quality over Quantity and attain sustainability
  • From Sourcing to Making Each Piece comes once in a while and Smaller scale production is always results higher quality.
  • We hope you liked our 2 min- read Short Writeup Regarding The Story Behind Each piece of art by gonecasestore. 
  • we'd love your comments and don't forget to follow us on Instagram - Gonecasestore


  • Authored by -
  • Brand Manager -
  • Gone case Store
  • Eshita Soni

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