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Gone Case Handcrafted Masks For All Occassions!

Gone Case Handcrafted Masks for All your Occasions!

#TheNewnormal Demands a Different you! But only all the more Fashionable!

Awww yeah! We’ve finally finished one of the big projects that’s been kicking our butts since the beginning of The Covid-19, we Decide to go further in the field of Handcrafted beauty with handcrafted masks Inspired by nature, Paintings and all Quintessential Art pieces. 

This Handcrafted Masks are not your ordinary masks, they speak the language of you! The Unique and Bold, These masks are prepared to keep your safety and fashion outwear in mind, so much that you can even go clubbing in them! 

The mask is of Standard Size, Material used are polypropylene sheet which is used in surgical masks Ensures the perfect protection with comfort of cotton for breathablity. 

As a Community of Handicraft Artisans and Art Loving People we Leave no Stone Unturned to bring you the best products that awe-struck you everytime!  

Handcrafted Masks for Office

Handcrafted Mask For Office

Outing handcrafted masks

On a Outing Handcrafted Masks

Clubbing Handcrafted Masks

Handcrafted Masks for Clubbing


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Writer & Brand Manager

Eshita Soni

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