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Everyone Can Wear Art, Gonecasestore Is Art Friendly and Each Skin color Adaptive
Gone Case Aims to Bring Art and Equality Together. 
How many times have you asked yourself before buying any Accessories, will it get connected with my outfit, or will it go with my skin color? 
Skin color shouldn't be the decision taker for your favorite design, we at gone case store discovered that this myth has to be broken, and we came up with an established mindset that our products will be skin color freeing. 
Like our products with freeing thoughts, inspired by beautiful architecture and planning also festivals and artisans we strongly believe that accessories should be freedom of choice and not a matter of concern.

Every woman has a right to look beautiful, and our products are available to Each and Every woman within India and outside. 
Gone Case Accessories are made from Scratch with Art Designed by Taking Endless inspiration from the heritage of India, as India is Home of So many Different Cultures, mixed with artistry beyond imagination. 
Gone case store helps you Decide your Art to Flaunt it your way, we are proud to Call #Everyonecanwearart.
Written by Brand Manager, 
Eshita Soni
Gone Case

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